IPRs (Patents Filed)

S.No. Faculty Name No. of Patent Filed Filed Patents detail File No. Date
1. Dr. Akhil Pandey 1 Patent on “Zero-Day Attack Protection for small andmedium enterprises” 201811017265 08/05/2018
2. Dr. Vishal Shrivastava 1 Patent on “Vechicular Admission Control  system using Microcontroller and FASTag” vide application no. 201811017267 08/05/2018
3. Mr. Rahul Sharma 1 Patent on “Signage Sense” vide application no. 201811017268 08/05/2018
4. Er. Aarti Sharma 1 Patent on “Signage Sense” vide application no. 201811017268 08/05/2018

Innovative Ideas Selected (Arya Incubation Centre)

1 Hots( Hospital ) MEDTECH We are trying to improve hospital services of india through app based service. This app work on gps and patient location data RHYTHM VARSHNEY
2 Cleon OTHERS Trendy and low cost stuff with reussable old clothes and durable, stylish and reusable fabric carry bags KARAN LUDHANI
3 EDTECH EDTECH Free exam simulation enviourment for every one DHEERAJ YADAV
4 Ease to Transport AI Redicing toll time KULDEEP SINGH
5 Prior OTHERS The application comprises of all the cab service app in one domain HARSHIT GUPTA
6 Find Parking Space IOT Fibdparkingspace provides smart parkingh solution RAHUL KUMAR VERMA
7 Engg-Mart OTHERS Enggmart is a totally android based startup. In this startup, we will provide and android application where any registered user can sell or by anythings related to engineering and studies. We can also provide platform for coding and domain practice, platform for newsfeed for shraring views or anythingh and chattingh platform, digital library for pdf books aprat form academic ARJIT DIVYANSH
8 Measurement of Human Physiological Parameters IOT We are designing a health care device which has a wearable technology, the main aim of those systems- enable human physiological parameters to be registered and analysed continuously dusring his work activities. Proper evolution of those parameter would let us immediately know about sudden health state changes, accidental SAMPRADA
9 Smart Amb Patient IOT It is our goal to work together as to create a mobile connecting unit, not only capable of combined patient transport and treatment, but will also create a easy of flow of HEMANT SHARMA
10 Automated Data Transfer INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION Autometed data transfer using optical system and reflective mirror based reverse parascope ROHAN MUJJO
11 Intelligent Crop Protection System AGRICULTURE The idea is conceptualizing the life cycle of a plantation based on automatic irrigation system, crop protection from pests and their prevention. It relates to a cloud ecosystem of iot (internet of things) enabled and ai (artificial intelligence) powered, agricultural solution powered by smart irrigation. KAUSHIK ROY