Practices & Innovation in Teaching & Learning Process

Efforts of Blended Learning by Departmental Faculties using the instructional materials designed and developed by them is available on the Institutional and departmental Website:

S. No. Innovation Faculty
1 Lab manual for Programming  Using C Language Dr. Narayan Singh
2 Smart  Presentation on concepts of Operating System Er. Maneesh Singhal
3 Question Bank For weak and newly inducted  Student  for  C language Dr. Narayan Singh
4 Question Bank For Campus Recruitments Dr.. Akhil  Pandey
5 Video Lecture of Python List, string , Machine Learning Techniques Er. Amit Kumar Nayak
6 Lab Manual of Database Lab Er. Rajesh Kumar Tejwani
7 Comparison Chart of ASK, FSK and PSK Er. Mohit Mishra
8 Lab Manual of Microprocessor Lab Er. Mohit Mishra
9 Comparison Chart of 8254, 8255 and 8279 IC Er. Mohit Mishra
10 Instruction Chart of 8085 Microprocessor Er. Mohit Mishra
11 Use of Simulation for the Computer Network Er. Akhil Pandey
12 Comparison Chart of Classless inter domain Routing Er. Rahul Sharma
13 Manual for Server Configuration of DNS and Apache Server Er. Rahul Sharma
14 Video of User add and permission of Files and Directory in Unix Er. Rahul Sharma
15 The OSI Reference Model Er. Sandeep Tomar
16 Simulation of CAD for VLSI Lab including Timing Diagram, Circuit Diagram using two Modelling Method Er. Amit Kumar Tewari
17 Scheduling & page replacement Algorithm Er. Khushboo Garg
18 Comparison of different Automata’s in Theory of Computation Er. Nisha Vasudeva
19 Comparison Chart of Different Trees Er. Kirti Sharma
20 Mining Targeted customers using Collaborative Data Mining Dr. Vishal Shrivastava
21 Real Time Programming Problems for Campus Recruitment Er. Sandeep Tomar
22 Comparison of Kernnel Implementation in Various Operating System Architecture Er. Maneesh Singhal
23 Advance Learning Methods of Cognitive skills Er. Amit Kumar Nayak
24 Design models of PEM, PWM, PPM Er. Chavi Gupta
25 Comparison  of PCM, DM, ADM Er. Mohit Mishra
26 Video of Cloud Computing in a nutshell Er. Vikas Mishra
27 Application of MATLAB in Crop Prediction Dr. Vikas Lamba
28 Question Bank of DSA, TOC for GATE Exam Er. Nisha Vasudeva
29 Question Bank of TEF & ESD for GATE Exam Er. Chavi Gupta
30 Lab Manual of Data structure & Algorithm Er. Vikas Mishra
31 Lab Manual of ESD Lab Er. Chavi Gupta