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The Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is a center of excellence providing in-depth technical knowledge and opportunities for innovation and research with up-to-date computer facilities. We aims at imparting excellent Computer Science & Engineering education for professional roles in a changing and challenging technological world, to advance knowledge through quality research in important emerging areas in the discipline and to build a strong relationship with industry, academia and society.

In terms of students and faculties, it is considered as one of the largest departments. We provide Best-in-class infrastructure and faculty profile with a strong industry interface of leading companies like IBM, CISCO, TCS and EMC2 and curriculum that is designed for facilitating students to pursue higher education in India and abroad.

Our Ideologies

The core focus of our Department


We are evolving towards more computer dependent society. For this, education of computers and its applications with practical and theoretical knowledge and skills have become important. We believe in the development of mental capabilities that are required for solving multidimensional problems.



Software is a fundamental part of research, and research software engineers are fundamental to good software. They have the potential to bring new tools and fundamental work, share ideas with people who do same work and discuss the method of overcoming from the problems generating during the practical experience in the industry.



We believe in building the most important skills for the professionals through experiential learning with teamwork. Advanced technologies and widespread proficiency are collaborated for creating new opportunities for budding professionals. It ensures training and guidance in effective ways with web based tools and applications.

What Alumni Say About Us

The experience that came from working on challenging projects with great faculty has helped me tremendously later in my professional life. The program perfectly blends theory with practical experience and provides a strong focus on team collaboration. My master's degree was certainly one of the most important stepping stones towards this achievement.

AKSHAY GAUTAM Sr. Software Engg. Heuristics Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

This program offers a comprehensive list of classes to prepare me very well before starting my career. I learnt much more than I thought I would with the program. Students like me are extremely lucky to get the chance to work in such great projects. All thanks to Arya.

Arya-Alumni-2015-CS-11-ANUSHKA GOEL
ANUSHKA GOEL Assistant Software Engineer Fujitsu

The years spent at Arya have been the first of many things for me. Participating and organizing events, volunteering, working on different projects beyond the given syllabus, are some of the highlights. The faculty has been supportive and encouraging. Overall, the engineering life has been very smooth for me at Arya.

ANURAG TRIVEDI Entreupreneur Self-Employed