To evolve as a center of academic excellence with firm determination towards modeling industry oriented technocrats, who would be leading the world in the arena of Computer Science and Engineering.


To provide profound understanding of fundamentals related to computer science and engineering.
To establish a continuous Industry Institute Interaction, participation and collaboration for enhancing Knowledge of various techniques, tools and skills in ICT.


The values of the College, which we share, guide our decisions and behavior includes a sense of community, academic excellence and freedom, civic responsibility, diversity of thought, culture, gender and ethnicity and mutual respect and human dignity. As we believe in the improvement of society as well as individual at a same time.

Our Strategy for Success

Providing one of the best technical experiences with dedication to best engineers or mechanics

Best Quality Training

We laid special emphasis on value addition with the way of imparting training to the students on emerging areas that cater to varying needs of students who desire an IT oriented career.

Value Based Education

Acquiring quality and value-based education helps in the promotion of new ideas that will enable the students to meet their satisfaction level. It will instill professional behavior and strong ethical morals.

Incline To Social Issues

The field has the tendency to share and explore socially applied knowledge, ideas, beliefs, and practices that enable students to learn technical solutions for the recreation of world through their understanding.


We provides comprehensive education to the students so that they can prepare successful engineering practices, advanced studies and research that enables them to take more step towards their futuristic goals.


It will inculcate the feeling of decision-making among the students in terms of professional development and career planning. With this, students can learn ethics and social responsibility to face various global challenges.

Research & development

It will allow Students to attain foster innovation and explore the complementary roles so that they can apply knowledge and skills in various scientific areas for the transformation of Student's lives towards success.

What Our Alumni Says About Us

The experience that came from working on challenging projects with great faculty has helped me tremendously later in my professional life. The program perfectly blends theory with practical experience and provides a strong focus on team collaboration. My master's degree was certainly one of the most important stepping stones towards this achievement.

AKSHAY GAUTAM Sr. Software Engg. Heuristics Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

This program offers a comprehensive list of classes to prepare me very well before starting my career. I learnt much more than I thought I would with the program. Students like me are extremely lucky to get the chance to work in such great projects. All thanks to Arya.

Arya-Alumni-2015-CS-11-ANUSHKA GOEL
ANUSHKA GOEL Assistant Software Engineer Fujitsu

The years spent at Arya have been the first of many things for me. Participating and organizing events, volunteering, working on different projects beyond the given syllabus, are some of the highlights. The faculty has been supportive and encouraging. Overall, the engineering life has been very smooth for me at Arya.

ANURAG TRIVEDI Entreupreneur Self-Employed